Great big thank you to Jayden for all the work done for my wedding!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!! You are a blessing!!!
Hayley T. June 11, 2016

We used Jayden for our wedding and it was the best decision we could have made!! Organized and highly dedicated to us from the very beginning to this very day!! Jayden Tate is by far the best thing that you could do for your wedding!!
Kathy M. February 16, 2008

I highly, highly, highly recommend Jayden Tate! You will not be disappointed. We used Jayden for both photo and video for our wedding.
Bethany G. September 29, 2012

The photos and video from our wedding turned out perfect!! Huge shout out to Jayden! Thank you so much!
Chris D. September 22, 2018

Our video and photos are totally awesome!! I’ve been looking at all kinds of photos and videos over the last couple years getting ready for my wedding so I have a bit of an experienced eye and I can say that photos and video are second to none!! Highly recommend Jayden!
Anna T. August 22, 2009

Jayden thank you so so much! We love everything that you did for us! From taking away our pre-wedding stress to fixing bridesmaids dresses to giving us the world’s best photography!! We are fans for life!!
Mary D. September 25, 2010

Highly recommend Jayden Tate!!!
Marianne W. October 10, 2015

I could probably go on and on and tell you that my wedding photos are awesome.  I could tell you that working with Jayden was super easy.  I could tell you that I got my photos less than two weeks after my wedding.  I could tell you that my family loved working with Jayden.  But the best thing I could tell you is book Jayden NOW!!!
Emma R. June 20, 2009

It’s hard to believe the shots that Jayden captured at our wedding!  Not only do we have amazing portraits, but the candid shots they got are awesome!  They truly captured who we are as a couple.  Our overall experience with Jayden was perfect from start to finish.
Lucy I. May 19, 2018

Jayden did both our photos and video and we had the best time!  They were able to help us organize the day before the wedding arrived and were able to manage the day and our family and friends seamlessly.  On top of it all, we have no eye for photography and they knew exactly where to go for photos and how to make it fun.  The photos and video turned out so great!
Lauren L. September 15, 2018

It has been so amazing working with Jayden Tate. From the moment we met Jayden and saw their work, we knew we had to book. No matter what the situation was that was thrown at them, like the rain and our dark church, they took amazing shots! They have a gift of capturing the most beautiful moments. You will love Jayden!
Amy W. December 7, 2013

Outstanding talent!  Let their work speak for itself!  Jayden absolutely gets a 10 out of 10. From questions and communication to their insight, everything was awesome! We have photos and video that will last a lifetime and we want to thank Jayden for everything they did for us to make it happen. 
Jamie C. April 14, 2018

You cannot do any better than the Jayden Tate Studio for your photographer and videographer!  They were on it from the beginning – from planning before the wedding to the day of.  Something we really liked was that the photos and video were personalized for us.  It was really fun doing photos and video with them and when the reception came didn’t have to worry about a thing!  We have beautiful wedding photos and video from Jayden and are so happy that we went with them.
Kayla R. August 6, 2016

Jayden truly captured our wedding day! The personal, intimate moments that they captured of us, are our absolute favorite! They have a great eye and are very creative. It’s clear from the finished products that they put their all into weddings and process the photos and videos beautifully. We will forever treasure our wedding memories!
Andie S. May 13, 2017

We were super thrilled with Jayden!  Very professional, friendly, accommodating.  An all-around five star service.  If you need a photographer, go with the Jayden Tate Studio!
Gia W. July 21, 2018

Thank you Jayden! We love our photos and will cherish them forever!
Rory R. September 2, 2017

We loved having Jayden at our wedding. They were wonderful at communicating throughout the whole process and on the wedding day they were also so fun to work with. Their final edits are beautiful. We had a great experience and we couldn’t be happier!
Becky C. March 14, 2009